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10 Amazing Simple Stress Reducing Tips for Designers to Boost Up their Productivity

10 Amazing Simple Stress Reducing Tips
Category: Design Tips, Logo Designs | Aug 7, 2012 | Added 6 years ago
10 Amazing Simple Stress Reducing Tips

10 Amazing Stress Reducing Tips for Designers to Boost Up their Productivity

Friends today I am going to share a few tips on reducing your stress. Please keep in mind, these tips are only for designers . But some points may be helpful for others too.

It’s often found that designers get engrossed as they are using their brain to come out with something really creative. These creative heads at times needs some relaxation in order to cool their brain. Here are a few tips on how you can relax yourself so that you can focus more on your work and bring out your productivity.

1. Keep Reminders

keep a reminder on your prioritised work. This will help you to keep focus on your works to finish in time. You can keep remainders on your mobile or you can use a post- it- note and stick it at the side of your monitor.

2. Break Break Break

Don’t forget to take break while you are working. Taking a break in between helps you to focus more on the work. Just walk in and around your work area. Watch outside the window for some time.. You can try yourself more options.

3. Take a Short Nap

Yes, you can take a short nap. You can revamp your creativity a bit also you will get refreshed.

4. Drink Good Amount of Water + Vegetables and Fruits 

When we get tired try to drink a lot of water. This will help you to stay focused and refreshed. We need to drink a minimum of 1 liter of water every day. If you drink less water you will get tired and your creativity won’t work for you. Keep a water bottle near you while working. Drink some amount of water time to time. Also try to have vegetables and fruits, this can reduce your stress.

5. Have a Chocolate

Yeah, friends when you feel stressed try to have a chocolate bar. New studies reveals  that eating dark chocolate every day can reduce stress. So, while you design something keep a chocolate ready with you.

6. Try Yoga

Yes, this is one of the best solutions  for reducing stress. Try to practice yoga everyday. The website will help you to understand more about yoga. You can see Enjoy yoga in HD quality! Everything you need for a great yoga workout is now at your fingertips. Try a few minutes of  yoga and start again with your design process, you may get new ideas and also you will get refreshed.

7. Listen  to Good and Melodious Music

Yeah, friends we all like music. If you feel you are fed up with works then just turn on your music system and hear good music. Even if you don’t have a music system or music collections don’t worry you can find more mind relaxing music websites online. is a good amazing website to find free live streaming mind relaxing music.  Music brings great health and stress relief benefits. I hope you have already heard about Music Therapy. Music therapy is useful in relieving stress and other conditions. Many experts have suggested it helps to reduce our work pressure.

8. Try to Spend Time with Your Family

This is the best way to reduce our work pressure. While you take a break go home and try to spend some time with your family. Please keep in mind don’t bring your official matters to home. You can involve and get engaged in household works. If you are married try to help your wife to cook something or play with your kid for some time can lead your stress reduced.

9. Arrange a Weekend Travel Trip

Yes, why can’t you go for a vacation trip? You can explore mind relaxing place in an around . Go and spend some time over there. See nature and feel the coolness of nature. The stress devil does not live in the leafy green forests. A nice and mind relaxing place to go next time, Visit Wayanad

10. Have a Green Tea While You Design Something

A recent study showed that people who drank tea four times a day for six weeks had lower cortisol levels and less stress. According to green tea “L-theanine, is a type of amino acids in green tea that can help to relieve stress. MIracle ingredient in green tea that can stand against the stress, is the teanin that calms nerves and relieves tension, while it also increase the concentrations of ability and learning. Some studies also show that green tea promotes the formation of domains to invirogate effect on the heart, blood cicrulation, metabolism and contribute to the fact that we have a lively and good mood.”. Find more about green tea.

Friends, I hope my small thoughts will helped you to get relaxed . Try all above  mentioned tips and  send me an email if you feel and get something positive. Good luck.

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