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18+ Must Read Tips to Create Fantastic Brochure Designs

18+ Must Read Tips to Create Fantastic Brochure Designs
Category: Brochure Designs, Design Tips | Aug 8, 2012 | Added 7 years ago
18+ Must Read Tips to Create Fantastic Brochure Designs

Your Brochure is going to play a big role in your business networks. We can see many business organizations and other sectors which are using brochures for their marketing and promotional purpose. UPrinting brochures will help you create some professional brochures for your business. You need to spend some time on that to find about the speciality of those brochures. I told you earlier brochure is a very strong business promotional material. This can generate  more exposure and revenue for your company or business venture. Here are a few things to keep in mind while  you design a  brochure .

  1. Try to do some research on your competitors brochure designs.
  2. Make sure  your brochure is simple and very attractive.
  3. Make sure your brochure is informative and fresh.
  4. Better to use a single font style for your brochure.
  5. Never put too many content on the brochure, less content more readability.
  6. Make sure you arrange things nicely in your brochure.
  7. Use attractive and informative graphics in your brochures.
  8. Avoid design and content confusions, make it simple and humble.
  9. Try to highlight main points in big bold fonts.
  10. Try to use minimal colors for your brochure designs.
  11. Do not use bright and florescent colors.
  12. Always use cool colors like blue, green, white etc.
  13. Try not to use warm colors like red, black, orange etc. This may harm your readers readability.
  14. Do not use too many colors, this may increase printing cost.
  15. Never compromise with the quality of paper, you can print either glossy or mat.
  16. Before printing the brochure design make sure you have proof read it.
  17. Try to take a sample printout.
  18. Use images which is apt to the content.
  19. Display your logobrand identity in the top part.
  20. Create the brochure in CMYK format

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