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  • I am a well-rounded designer who is passionate about designing.

    I am a quality and detail oriented person who strives for pixel-perfection and the best user experience.

    ALERT: Enjoy My Portfolio!
    "I always want my work to be unique and also make sure that one design is different from the other.So many things in and around me inspires my works. I never keep any rules for my designs, I just create them the way they comes to my mind. Enjoy my designs and feel free to send me your valuable thoughts."

    Game Station Logo Design

    Game Station Logo Design

    Game Station Logo Design

    Game Station Logo Design

  • Friends I am doing designs for my self-satisfaction. I hope that sharing my creativity and experiences will help you to contribute and manage projects more effectively. Frinley Paul, I'm the brand identity designer who enjoys working with business owners from around the world! Hire Me Now: frinleypaul@gmail.com. Feel free to check out my portfolio and updates. Thank you!

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    Freebies! :-) Click Here to Download My 278 + FREE Vector Source Files Copyright @ 2015 www.frinleypaul.com , All rights reserved. NOTE: Some logos and trademarks belong to certain respective owners (My clients)!