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30 Must Read Rules for Creating a Professional Logo

Must Read Rules for Creating a Professional Logo
Category: Design Tips, Logo Designs | May 5, 2012 | Added 9 years ago

Must Read Rules for Creating a Professional Logo

Hey friends I would like to share a few logo design tips for you. I hope this will  help any upcoming logo designer. Here are a few simple rules to be followed in logo designing. You can implement a few of these rules while you create logo designs for your clients and I am sure you will be a winner in logo designing.

Carefully read and understand yourself these tips and follow these simple rules. Good luck 🙂

1.Avoid using more than 3 colors .
2. Remove unwanted elements from the logo.
3. Font used must be easy enough for reading.
4. The logo must be understandable.
5. Logo must have elements that can be easily edited.
6. Don’t bother about any unwanted comments.
7. Make sure your creation is appealing and attractive.
8. Do not use any elements from other popular logos.
9. Do not use any clip arts in your logos.
10. Make sure the logo looks good in black and white.
11. Make sure that the logo is identifiable while you resize it.
12. Avoid using special effects like drop shadow and gradient effects.
13. Present the logo into a square layout.
14. Place the logo in business cards, brochures, letter pads and other objects like cup, T-shirts and check how it looks.
15. Use minimal colors for less printing cost.
16. Create your logos in Illustrator, Coreldraw  or Photoshop.
17.Try impressing your clients with your first logo design itself.
18. Logo should convey what business it is related to.
19. Do not use photo or images in logo design.
20. Do not use more than 2 fonts. Better keep it to one font.
21.Each element in logo design should be properly aligned.
22.Keep in mind, design logo for your clients and not for your self satisfaction.
23.Try to show logo design options for your clients.
24. Use a paper and pencil to sketch what you have in mind.
25.Keep the logo design simple and humble.
26.Make sure the logo design is re-sizable to any size.
27. Create logo design source in EPS, SVG, PSD and CDR.
28. Use cool colors for logo design.
29. Warm colors and dull colors can be avoided for logo design.
30. Be confident on your design while you present the logo in front of your clients.

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