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5 Visual Design Tips for UX Designers

Category: Design Tips, UI /UX Designs | Aug 9, 2016 | Added 3 years ago

1. Use an awesome grid system
Try to use the best grid system for your website development. Bootstrap is one of the best easiest way to customize and easy to use grid system ever. So you can use it hassle free for your development needs.

2.Try using design patterns
You can simply use wonderful design patterns as your websites or apps background. This will produce outstanding  visual designs and it  also reflects the look and feel of your entire website.

3. Make sure your sites typography  line heights are perfect
Yes, this is one of the main thing that every visual designer needs to follow.  Try to use “Golden Ratio Typography Calculator” , this website will give you perfect  typography for your website. Just enter your current font size and content width. You will get the calculated result.  One of my best friend and team head shared it with me and we  are all using it. You guys also need to try this.

4. Treat each design folds carefully
While we design a website or mobile app we must make sure that we are doing designs fold wisely . We  need to put some research on each fold. A proper attention need to be given for each folds. Make sure each fold remain identical with the look and feel of the entire websites. Never ever put two dark folds or white folds together. Put it either dark and light or light and dark.

5. Try to add a little animation effects to get users attention
Think we are done with the website or app. If we haven’t added any animation then I am sure that  the site will look dead, it won’t look lively and never ever interact with the users. We may add a little animation effects to get users attention. Also people will interact with the website and it will look more lively.

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