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A Few Useful Logo Design Tips

Logo Design Tips
Category: Design Tips, Logo Designs | Aug 2, 2012 | Added 7 years ago
Logo Design Tips

When you design a logo, you must understand  and plan something good about your  logo, You need to imagine now and see the final logo design out put and think what this logo supposed to do in near future. A logo is not just a sign, it really care about  a brand identity. Your designed logo must be inspiring and stand out from other logos. You must design a good logo to satisfy your clients business needs. If you design a wrong logo ,then it will seriously hurt your client. So you need to be very careful while you design a logo.
You Need to Keep a Few Things in Your Mind While You Design the Logo

Do a Detailed Study About Other Successful and Failed Brand Identities

Yes you need to learn and find about other successful and failed logo design ideas. Try to understand what criteria helped a logo to be successful. In the same way, find out the failure aspects of a brand. Try yourself to resolve the issues in that specific brand identity. This will help you in a better way while you plan and design your logo.

What Software will Help Me to Create a Good Logo

You can use Illustrator and Coreldraw , the best logo design platforms I have ever seen. You can also use FREE open source software like Inkscape. I used to create logos in all software.

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • Coreldraw

Designing Process of a Logo

Here are a few tips on how you need to plan and start your logo design process. Carefully read and understand yourself these tips and follow these simple rules. Good luck

  • Think and plan about your logo
  • Make quick sketches  of your logo design ideas
  • Make a  creative visual view in your mind
  • Imagine how your logo will look in a final stage
  • Choose your logo design software
  • Create Your logo design
  • Try to give a variety of logo options
  • Send watermarked logos to your clients for final approval
  • After getting client’s approval make sure you send logo in any of the vector formats like (.ai, .svg, .eps,.cdr)
I hope this article will  help any upcoming logo designer.  You can implement a few of these rules while you create logo designs for your clients and I am sure you will be a winner in logo designing.

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