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Essential Rules to Follow When Re Designing a Logo

Essential Rules to Follow When Re Designing a Logo
Category: Design Tips | Aug 6, 2012 | Added 9 years ago
Essential Rules to Follow When Re Designing a Logo

Why You Need to Transform an Old Logo into a New One?

Your logo is the identity and key brand of your business. It connect and communicate with your customers. Your logo needs to bring trust and credibility over the market. So your logo is going to be an important business communicator to the market. With the upcoming trends and changes of other brands, think you may also need a change in your business face. Your face is your logo, so plan on re designing your face with the new market trends. Some years back your logo was popular, but this is the right time for you to re design your logo.

Easy Tips to Turn Old Logo Design Into New Design

1.The best and simple way is just re design your existing logo to a new one. You can do some minor changes and make a new good looking logo from the old one.

2. The next method is to use your own ideas to develop a new logo design. Do an entirely different new good looking logo from your new ideas.

3. Make sure your re designed logo is simple and attractive. Do not make your logo cluttered and complicated. If you do a logo with so many elements your logo may be hard to communicate with your consumers and they will get confused about your brand. So make sure it is simple and well designed.

4. Always remember that you should make an original logo design. Make sure it is not  similar to any other brand.

5. While preparing your logo design, you need to make sure it won’t be too simple. Too much of simplicity also does not work well. Make sure your logo is filled with  brand communication objectives. I told you earlier, your logo need to communicate with your old and new consumers.

6. Make sure your logo is trendy and sporty. You need to get attention from consumers of any age.

7. While making your logo , make sure to use a good font similar to your old one. This can simply work well for a logo re design. You can try a new font but make sure you limit the  usage of too many fonts.

8.  While re designing your logo, some people won’t recommend you  to go with current trends.  Any way I can’t agree with that. I know trends will soon be replaced by new ones, but periodically we need a change to our brand. Otherwise we will go backward and our brand is going to be worthless. New brands will start to play the game. So we need to be a team player as always in the marketing sector.  So try to prepare a logo with your brand value with company values. Try to  stand out from other brands. Let people see and follow your new logo .

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