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How to Become a Logo Designer (Quick Tips)

How to Become a Logo Designer (Quick Tips)
Category: Design Tips, Freebies, Logo Designs | Apr 9, 2014 | Added 7 years ago
How to Become a Logo Designer (Quick Tips)

After a long gap , I am  writing an article in my design blog and I feel so happy about my move. Today I am going to talk about logo designing. Hope this article will help upcoming  designers and brand owners. I will share a few  useful tips on logo designing. Feel free to read  my other useful articles in my design blog, also you can download many of my free design resources and downloads.

How to Become a Logo Designer (Quick Tips)

  1. Check online brand resource websites for ideas.
  2. Make, create a  basic logo design idea in your mind.
  3. Sketch those ideas  on a paper.
  4. Download any open source or paid logo design softwares (Photoshop, Illustrator, Coreldraw or  Inkscape (Open Source).
  5. Try yourself  by downloading some vector freebie logo designs source files and edit it.
  6. Learn how other designers have created the designs by checking the source file, layers.
  7. Here are a few useful vector logo design resources you can download for FREE ( Freebies).
  8. Create or replicate your logo design ideas on your logo design software.
  9. Make sure you use minimal colors for your logo design.
  10. Always try to create  so many  variations in your designs.
  11. Make sure your logo design has the print quality.
  12. Check your logo design is in CMYK format for print quality.
  13. While you create the logo, please make sure a minimum of 300 Dpi is available on your logo source.
  14. Always make sure your vector logos are re-sizable.
  15. Keep away from stock images or clip art.
  16. Make sure your logo is visible in both darker and lighter backgrounds.
  17. Please try to use open source or free fonts, if you need you can buy custom paid fonts.
  18. Do not copy other designer’s logos or brand elements, it won’t give you any identity in the market.
  19. Always check other designer’s works for inspiration and color combination ideas.
  20. Create your own logo design ideas , it will give your brand more credibility and visibility.

Here I am attaching one logo design source file for you to check. Please download this free psd vector layered logo design. Check yourself and try to make a new logo design today itself.

Download FREE PSD Vector Logo Design Source File (575 downloads)

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