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How to Create a Quick Business Card – Tutorial

Category: Business Cards, Design Tips | Aug 3, 2012 | Added 6 years ago
Here’s how it will look when we’re done

In this small tutorial I am going to teach you how to make your own quick business card. Just walk  through a five-step process, which you can modify later on and apply to your own design concept. This tutorial is very simple. You can use any of your favorite design software.

Step 1 : Create a New Standard Business Card Page (2″ x 3.5″)

New File 2″ x 3.5″

Create a new file in your design software. Make sure it is 2’x3.5′ (Inches). Put a white background for your card  area. White color is good for any business cards.

Step 2 : Add a bleed area around the card

Add Bleed Area

While you design the business card make sure you put a blank space around the card. That will help you to make a good looking card. Also this help you to align things properly. I am talking about the orange color lines.

Step 3 : Place Your Company Logo or Business Name

Add Company Logo

Now you can add your early designed logo or brand name to this business card area. Here I have put a sample logo. Place logo properly to the design area. You can align it as per your design ideas. Here I have center aligned the logo. Next we need to add your  contact name and details.

Step 4 : Add Your Name & Contact Details

Add a Blue Background Color in Your Address Section

Yes this is the right time to add your contact details and name to this card. Here you can see a blue bar across the address area. This will make the card more attractive. So try out a few more design options.

Step 4 : Make Ready Your Card for Printing 

Now you can do some final changes or modifications to your business card. You can try different font options and color changes. Always try to use light colors. Don’t go for any warm colors. Export your design source to .eps, pdf, tiff or .svg format for printing. Make sure your out put is in cmyk format for good printing quality.

I hope this tutorial article  helped  you to design a  quick and a simple business card.  You can implement a few of these rules while you create business cards  for your clients. Good luck.

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