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How to Design a Logo in Monochrome

monochrome logos
Category: Design Tips, Logo Designs | Oct 7, 2013 | Added 4 years ago
monochrome logos

A lot of designers and company owners love monochromatic logos. The reason is simple, we can place this logo in any medium without making things too much cluttered and less crowded. I myself  love monochromatic logo designs as we can create logos easily and effectively. Monochromatic logo design uses different shades of color instead of  different colors. Here, in this article I am going to give you a few tips about designing a simple monochrome logo design. While you design the logo just follow these simple rules.

  • 1. Always use dark and light colors
  • 2. Try to use shades of darker colors
  • 3.Better to have a border around the logo area
  • 4. Try to have a shadow beside the logo
  • 5.Some times try to use any one darker or lighter color
  • 6. Avoid using too much shades, 2 to 3 shades of colors are fine
  • 7. Make sure the logo is re-sizable and visible in long views.

Now I am going to tell you about the advantages of monochromatic logos.

  • 1. It is very much flexible to create
  • 2.Colors will never clash
  • 3. You can project design elements well
  • 4. It will look fine with your whole website content
  • 5. Easier to memorize
  • 6. Get visitors attention in  minimal time
  • 7. It will give cool effect for your vision and eyes
  • 8. You can try any font styles

These are my observations and suggestions for upcoming  designers. Friends, feel free to comment on this article. You can get in touch with me on Facebook. I am always here to help you….

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