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How to Design a SEO Friendly Website

How to Design a SEO friendly Website
Category: Design Tips | Oct 8, 2013 | Added 6 years ago
How to Design a SEO friendly Website

Nowadays it is very important to develop good SEO friendly websites for our clients. Even ourselves need to have a well designed website for marketing our business. Here, I would like to share a few nice tips on how to design a SEO friendly website for your business. Simply follow these techniques. It can lead you to more search engine traffic and business. Please check the attached image for more idea.

1. Less content on home page

We need to make sure that our websites home page is neat and clean. Do not add too much of text content. Also it will be better to  have more static content on the home page. If you add more content, search engines will not read your full website in a short time.

2. Position site menu on top of the pages

Yes, this is one of the most important thing we need to follow while we design any website. Let us simply allow search engines to read our site menus properly, so that it can read our full site pages quickly and effectively . If we add too much complicated menu, then it will confuse search engines.

3. Use less graphics, Js and CSS

Every one  needs fast loading websites, likewise  search engines too…. so please make sure your website is fast loading. Slow loading websites will be banned from search engines. Google hate slow loading websites. For better fast loading websites, we must minimize adding too much of images, graphics , java scripts and CSS.

4. Add site menu to footer also

Please make sure you have included site menu in footer also. Search engines will read this in a friendly manner. These days fresh content and less cluttered websites are the king of SEO.

5. Place one YouTube video in you home page

Consider about adding a nice intro YouTube embedded video in your home page about your business brand. Especially, Google love this. Also, you can give a quick overall idea about your business to your site visitors.

I hope you can simply create a fast loading website soon….


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