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Improve Your Graphic Design Skills – Tips

Improve Your Graphic Design Skills
Category: Design Tips | Aug 2, 2012 | Added 6 years ago
Improve Your Graphic Design Skills

Friends, today I am going to share a few tips on improving your graphic designing skills. I hope this article will  help any upcoming graphic designer.

Always think about your viewers
Make sure you do designs in a good quality manner. Give your users a new visual experience. A visual impact will lead you to next level. Get recognize by others. Imagine if you can satisfy your clients or clients prospects with your design skills. You will get more works in coming days and years.

Organize and make your design ideas

Always try to sketch your designs and ideas using a sketch pad. A small spark will lead you to get more visual ideas.  While you are travelling or when you are away from work, if you have something in mind use this sketch pad to store your ideas. If you are using a android mobile you can find so many of good sketchpad apps. Some of them are free to use. Our ideas will never die. We will get more and more ideas in any time. So keep ready with a sketch book.

Always make your design memorable and simple 

Yes, you can design your ideas in a simple ,effective and memorable way. Once you visualize your ideas you must check  and see whether your design ideas are communicating with your prospects or clients. People need to identify our art work. So we need a clean and impressive design.

Using colors

Definitely Color brings out emotions. We must use  proper colors for the mood you want to create. Please try to avoid using  too many colors in your design. You can find a few good design gallery’s online. Try to visit and check other designers works from Behance NetworkdeviantART and Coroflot .

Avoid using ready made design elements

Always try to keep away from using ready made design sources. Try creating yourself something memorable. If you go with any ready made design source you may loose your identity.

Using good typography

Well ,we all love typography, unfortunately we have to limit using too many different font styles. Use just a few that go well with your design. You need to make sure that any important info is easy to read. Align things properly. Try to use a single font style. Usage of too many font will make your design cluttered and crowded.

Minimal usage of stock photos

Use less stock photographs . Try to take and arrange photography yourself. Setup a small studio in your home or office. I own a Canon 550d. I love photography. You can see a lot of talented photographers on Flickr. Using our own photographs will lead us to stand out from other designers.

Proper usage of white Space

Make sure your design have adequent space around them. If you use less spacing your design will get cluttered. Each design will have its own identity ,so we need to use white space according to style and design layout structure. Your work experience will help you to do that in near future. So keep improving  your design skills.

If you have any other tips to share I would love to hear them.

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