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Make a Nice Visual Resume with Graphics

Include work experienceInclude software experienceMake a Nice Visual Resume with Graphics
Category: Design Tips | Oct 8, 2013 | Added 6 years ago
Make a Nice Visual Resume with Graphics

If you are a designer , well please make sure you do and provide a perfectly designed resume in front of the interview board. There is no point to show a normal resume for your graphic designing job requirements. You need to show them a visually and creatively designed resume rather than a normal text resume. You know the first impression is going to be the best impression . So here I will share a few tips on making a good visual resume.

1. A nice header about your job area

In your resume header, you can add your job area, contact number, email id and a website URL . Make sure the header is simple and attractive

2. Include your personal data

3. Include software experience

Include software experience

In this area you can show some charts and diagrams to show your software experience . Please try to use minimal colors. Also it advisable to use cool colors.

4. Include work experience

Include work experience

5. Include portfolio links

6. Include declaration

I am sure, if you create a better visual resume, it will help you to achieve a better job soon.

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