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Must Follow Criteria for Good Logo Design

Category: Design Tips, Logo Designs | Aug 22, 2013 | Added 6 years ago
Must Follow Criteria for Good Logo Design

Be a Good Listener In Front of Your Client

Friends this is the most important thing we need to follow if we are in to logo designing. Always follow client’s instructions and ideas. Most of the clients will have their own views and ideas. So if we give our own idea, may be it wont work for them. But a few of them will give us freedom and flexibility to work on our own way.

Understand Market and Your Client Needs

Before starting the logo project , try to understand client market. Also you need to follow client needs. Try to do a study about clients competitors. Your logo is going to be the identity of the brand.  So you need to make a good logo with out fail.

Find Google for a Few Nice Ideas

Most of the designers are doing this. You need to get an over all idea about what happening in an around you. You need to understand and see what other designers are doing. You need to get some inspiration from them. Please keep in mind do not try to copy their works. It will lead to copyright issues in future.

Make Sure You Don’t Copy Others Designs

Yes, I told you earlier in this article, please don’t copy other designers works and ideas. respect other designers and their effort. You can get some inspiration from others. For example what colors they are using which type of fonts they are used etc. If you copy someone else idea and design it may lead copyright issues in future days when the client is go for registering his or her brand.

Plan a Nice Logo Design Idea yourself

Think yourself and make yourself . Yes your idea is valuable. Any designers can make logos. But your idea is valuable here. Try to do better than others and project your idea to client. Think and plan it. You need a good vision about your branded logo. You need to imagine the logo out put in the beginning stage itself. So you will have a good and clear vision.

Make Basic Sketch Works

When you have the idea, try to put those ideas into paper for future reference. Make basic sketches of your brand ideas. If you need you can show the basic drawing to clients and try to get their feedback too.

Working on the Logo Design Software

Now this is the right time to find a good logo design software. Most of the designers are using Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw, Photoshop. They all are good software’s. But I find myself Inkscape ( open source)  is a nice logo design software. Also you can find many other good logo design software’s online.

Rework and Polish Your Logo Design

Do not think that your logo design is finished. You need to refine them in a better way. Try to change colors , font etc. Add many backgrounds and check your designed logo is good visible in all type of background colors and textures.

Compare Your Logo Design with Other Related Brands

Now your designed logo is ready. Just compare you logo design with other related business logos. Make sure your logo is stand out from other brand logos. Some one need to remember your logo and recall it in future. So you need a good quality and less cluttered logo design..

Quality Check Yourself

This is the last thing, make sure your logo is ready to go with industry standards.

Present in a Well Structured Format to Client

Yes, now your logos  are in good quality. But when you present designed logos  in front of your clients in a bad manner, may be your logo will be rejected. So try to show logos in a good and pleasant  way.  Good luck designers.

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