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Must Follow User Interface Design Tips

Game Development UI Design
Category: Design Tips, UI /UX Designs | Aug 8, 2012 | Added 9 years ago
Game Development UI Design

While we create UI designs we must fulfill our users complete goals. It should be flexible and user friendly. We can satisfy our user’s with a nice interface design. When getting started on a new interface design, once again you need to remember and follow these fundamentals.

Think from a user side

Our user’s goals and thoughts are our goals, so some time try to think about from a user side. Try to understand the user. First of all you need to check what type of  user’s are going to use your design. After making your user interface design, just spend some time with a few users and find out how they are using the designs. I told you earlier you must focus on your users. Check with your user’s and see if they are happy with your right move.

 Pay attention to most popular UI patterns

Most of the users are  spending  their time on interfaces designs. So try to follow most popular user friendly design patterns. For example you can check and see most popular android app ui designs like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and Flickr. You can find many popular UI app interface designs from around the world. Most of the users are happy while they use these designs. We need to make a close look for other people designs and always try to learn and don’t hesitate to implement new ideas on your designs.

Don’t disappoint you users expectations

Your users need compatibility. Create a simple interface for your users. They need to use this interface many times. So imagine your users will be able to do things simply again . Make sure about language, layout, and design. The size, color, and placement of each element  are very important in your design. We don’t need to disappoint our user while they use our UI design. In coming days and years we can give them a real user interface experience .

Provide time to time support

Your interface should communicate well with your users, some times your users  actions are both right and wrong or misunderstood.  Always alert or inform your users about the errors. If they made any right move don’t forget to tell them about it. A simple popup can bring the interface more user friendly and supportive. Every body are busy, so they need to use things in a simple way. If your UI design is more complicated and cluttered they will leave you in darkness for ever.

Most of the users will make errors first time they use any interface designs. So you must give time to time alert and support for the users for better UI experience. Friends keep in mind , Friendly Interface + Normal User = Good User Interface Design 🙂 .

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