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Why Sketching Is an Important Part in the Logo Designing Process

Why Sketching Is an Important Part in the Logo Designing Process
Category: Design Tips, Drawings | Apr 9, 2014 | Added 5 years ago
Why Sketching Is an Important Part in the Logo Designing Process

You may wonder what sketching has got to do with logo designing. Sketching is an important part in the logo designing process. I myself do some sketching on paper before I create one with the design software and I really enjoy it. I feel more relaxed and free when drawing on a piece of paper than any logo designing software. Guys you need to do sketching whenever you get some free time. Always carry a sketch book along with you while you travel. Why I am saying this is because while you travel you may get some quick design ideas for your design , so you can sketch those elements on the spot itself. If you don’t carry a sketch book you may lose some important ideas.

A small sketch book can deliver you good ideas, when you sketch you will get plenty of new ideas. It will come to your mind spontaneously. Whenever you get a new project try to sketch ideas from the beginning itself. It will give you more strength on the logo design basic structure. Guys our first idea will be the best idea, so don’t lose those ideas without a sketch book.

Don’t worry about your sketching quality; it will always be untidy with lots of scribbling in it. But still you need to make or create new ideas on your small sketch book. Now see the magic of sketching, you will get more and more new ideas in your mind. I know most of the logo designers are doing sketching by taking too much time to make it perfect, but I won’t always support that because I myself believes that you need to sketch it as fast as you can without looking for any perfection (after all it is just a rough work), then only you will get more and more ideas.  In the beginning itself, if you go for perfection and time consuming sketching you may need to stick on with one idea. That will be a bad idea; we need to try many new ideas before we show it to our client or prospects.

We can do detailing later, just scribble something on the paper and create new things to life. Don’t keep your mind in one idea, give the freedom and take the freedom of creativity, our creativity will never die. It will produce new things as always.

You should keep in mind that sketching is an important and valuable thing in the field of logo designing process. A few things about sketching is that it will relax your brain, it will give you more ideas and it can be done anywhere without a pc or laptop, also it won’t give you details it will give you concepts and more good ideas.

How sketching works: for example if you are working on a milk product brand, first of all you need to list all the words and images that are related to milk  in your mind. Then you need to incorporate those images and words into a piece of paper, I am sure it will give you more quick and valuable ideas. Also you can refer on internet for ideas. But I am always recommending you to check on your surroundings than online. In and around yourself you can find many design elements that is useful for your logo design process.  Hope you enjoyed my article. Please come back and check out for more useful articles that are coming soon.

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