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How to Make an Impressive Portfolio to Achieve Your Dream Job
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Impressive Portfolio to Achieve Your Dream Job

Friends today I am going to share a few tips on attending an interview. Please keep in mind, these tips are only for graphic designers. But some points may be helpful for others too. The main thing is that   you need to act like a positive thinker if you are not one because it will help to give a positive attitude about us to the interviewer . I hope all my thoughts will help you to achieve your next aspiring  job.

Have a business card with you

When you go for an interview give your business card to the interview board . Make sure it is well designed , memorable and appreciable . First impression is the best impression, so you need to convince and attract them with your business card so that they can understand you are very much skilled.

Have a well designed portfolio with you

Yes, try to make a good portfolio to attract the interview board. You need to present your portfolio in a neat manner. Add your best works. Try to avoid adding too many works. One thing I forgot to say… Add your best works in the first page and last page. You can add up to 20 designs. This is good enough to show your creativity and skill sets. I told you before, a neat and well designed portfolio can be notable by the  interview board.

Also, you can give them  your portfolio in a cd presentation format. This will give a good punch for you. 🙂

Make a short explanation about your work before you show it

Yes, simply talk  a few words about your  view  points on your work area. Don’t talk too much. After that you can show the portfolio to your interview board.

Have a well structured resume with you

This is  very important part of your interview. May be your resume is already with the interview boards . But don’t care about that. You need to give them one more resume. I strongly recommend you to attach this resume after your portfolio pages. Make sure your works and resume is in one file case.

Never project yourself as a freelancer

I am telling you seriously , if you are looking for a job in any reputed company, please make sure you won’t let them know that you are a freelancer. Most of the companies will disqualify you because they will think that, in future also you will continue to do freelancing. This will seriously affect company’s work schedules. It ‘s my point of view not sure how many of  you will agree with me on this. I am looking for some comments over that.

Highlight awards and achievements if any 

Yeah, you can add your achievements and awards to the top of the resume. This will give some plus points to you.

Good smile and a hand shake

While you enter the interview room, give a good smile and a warm hand shake. Always  keep yourself pleasant and  cheerful . Answer the questions with a smile. Don’t act like a very serious person. Interview board need to get a feeling that you are worth for them and you are very much friendly with every one. Also make sure you are well dressed. I know every one will go like that only so no point to talk about it that much.

Be a good listener 

Don’t talk or answer while the interview board is talking. If you didn’t hear anything , say sorry and ask them to repeat it.  After getting your question, answer it loudly and cleverly. You can impress them by your creative thoughts.

Tell them you need this job and let them know what you are going to do for them if you are appointed

Yes, this is a very important idea.  You need to show them that you really  want this job. Also, you can tell them about how you are planning to support the company to grow in a better way. I am sure this will lead you to get the job.

Say thank you before you leave  the interview room

Yeah, don’t forget to say thank you to the interview board.

Friends, I hope my small thoughts will help you to get your dream graphic design job. Try all above  mentioned tips and  Send me an email if you feel and get something positive. Good luck.

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